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Jim McCauley - Magnificent Magoo
Photo by
the Juice

manufactured by, AFN Europe 2009 ©® Imprint - Music publishing house and trade in the Internet Dr. Nikolaus Andre e.K., presents Jim McCauley - The Juice - Magnificent Magoo behind the mic -   88 FM - AFN Berlin. Cuts from 1982 and 1983. & media is online Agency Berlin Germany presents The Juice. Saaleckplatz 6, Oberhofer Platz 1, 12209 Berlin - Phone: 0049 30 770 22 02, E-Mail: HRA 30903. GEMA No.: SA-14354. A member of the German Business Association and Federation of independent tone carrier enterprises, music publishing houses and music producers e. V. (VUT) No.: 1958/09. Photo: This site is a presentation concept, retrospective of the legendary moderator - no sale, no download.